Trivets by Phil Ewing.
Tools and utensils.
The shop gets an unusual visitor
Cabinet hardware by Phil Ewing.
Decorative grate.
Decorative candle stand.
Pot rack.
Demonstration rose.
Chuck wagon BBQ by John Kowaleski.
Handrail by Mani DeMers
Gate built by inaugural class.
Shop anvil.
Windmill restored by the guild.
Stefan Kertz. 1936 - 2010.
Entry gate project.
Gate project - another view.
Sun dial by Carter Pease.
Wagon restoration.
Fireplace tools by Stefan Kertz.
Bending a tire.
Forge restoration by Vic Pestone
Fireplace screen
shop-built hossfeld bender
Candleholders by Carter Pease.
Park bench by Jack Cundari and Pete Reilly.
Sign by Mani DeMers.
Main shop forge.
Shop welding bay.
A small selection of tongs.
A small selection of hammers.
Candle stand made by Carter Pease.
Class work.
Measuring for a tire.
Our mentor as a younger man
Cabinet hardware by Phil Ewing.
Window grate.
Globe stand by Carter Pease.
At work on the San Salvador.
Wheelborrow detail - Vic Pestone.
Handrail by Bandy shop.
Gate made by Carter Pease.
Pot stand by Phil Ewing.
Small wagon.
Making a wheel.
Heating a tire
Candleholder by James Thayer
Ship Tools - James Thayer
Gunport Hinges - HMS Surprise